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Hedgehogs for sale in Kentucky, why not adopt?

Hedgehogs are an interesting pet. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and are mostly active

in the evenings. They tend to roll up into balls when frightened and may jump and hiss

trying to frighten the “attacker”. Hedgehogs exhibit “anointing” behaviors in which they

will hyper-salivate and lick their spines, covering themselves with saliva. This behavior is

thought to be initiated by unfamiliar scents. Hedgehogs have been known to live up to 8-10 years


An enclosure with smooth walls and floor that are not able to be climbed is

the best for these animals. Wire floored cages are not recommended. Bedding should be

soft and absorbent. A nest box or hiding place should be available at all times. Most

hedgehogs will use a litter box if one is placed in the cage; use pelleted, low dust litter

(not clay or clumping litter). The temperature should be between 75°-85° F;

temperatures less than 60°-65°F may cause a hibernation-like condition, which is a very

dangerous condition and should be avoided. No more than one male should be present in

one cage since they tend to behave very aggressively towards each other. They can be given toys such as PVC pipes for hiding and some will also run on wheels


The exact natural diet of hedgehogs is unknown, but they appear to be mostly

insectivorous. We recommend a commercial zoo insectivore diet, supplemented with

occasional insects, fruits, and vegetables. The fruit/vegetable mix should include a variety

of the following: leafy dark greens (spinach, kale, and leaf lettuce), diced carrot, apple, banana, grapes or raisins. Water should be provided in a bottle or crock at all times.


*** information obtained from Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic

9330 Waldemar Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 (317) 879-8633***